An Ugly One Down, Next Stop Houston

By Duncan Fletcher Waking The Red

USA vs Canada. Houston, Canada’s about to have a problem.
After a rough go of it against Denmark, Canada’s ragtag bunch goes to Houston to take on the US.

Well, Saturday’s game was an ugly one, about as much as could be expected with that group of players, most of whom are in their pre season, against an equally inexperienced but clearly more talented Denmark side. Now on Tuesday night, that squad has to pick itself up and prepare to face another clearly more talented squad, the USA, this time in Houston.

It looks like another mismatch, but let’s look for some positives shall we. Firstly, we’ll go with the fact that Canada does have a game under it’s belt. The talent disparity is a fact, so hard work and organisation and all that have to make up the gap. Understandably enough that was a bit lacking against Denmark, especially in defence. An actual game and more training will help a little with that. The obvious counterpoint to that is that there may well be changes made, to rest players still in pre-season mode or to give some of the players that didn’t play on Saturday a cap, which could negate any familiarity gained on Tuesday. Another counterpoint is that the US are at the end of a 3 week training camp, so should actually have the edge in that respect as well as in talent. So not so much positive there.

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