And Then There’s Sporting Kansas City

By Benjamin Massey Eight Six Forever

What the Crap is a Sporting Anyway?
A very long time ago, I wrote a very lousy article ranking the crappiest names in Major League Soccer. The Kansas City Sportings, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, scored badly. They are currently wearing the worst name in franchise history, which is saying something when you used to be called the Wiz.

In the months since that name has become no less hateful. The Sportings have got a lovely new stadium, some interesting players who are bringing them mixed success, but they’re still carrying around that godforsaken albatross of a name, a name which turns the soccer gods against them as surely as burning a picture of Franz Beckenbauer while shouting “the Hand of God was legit!” When Camilo Sanvezzo and Nizar Khalfan fed the Sportings their own poop chute in our home game last year, it felt like the Norse dieties of soccer’s pantheon were blowing a thunderous raspberry at Kansas City, a city so unable to form its own identity that it can’t even decide which state it’s in.

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