Another Internal CSA Promotion

By Justin Connolly Red Nation

Move Over Charlie Brown
There are few sports fans in the world that have endured the run of incompetence like those who follow the Canadian men’s national soccer team. The plight of these supporters and profile of soccer in Canada has only been amplified by the growth of Major League Soccer in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

The recent inglorious world cup qualifier flame outs in 2008 and 2012 were national sporting embarrassments. These debacles highlighted the Canadian Soccer Associations inability to assemble a coherent path to CONCACAF relevance and match the expectations of the new fans who want a competitive national side.

Truthfully, Canada actually had minimalist expectations to make the final round of qualifications aka the hex and in both instances failed to trip over this subpar bar. Teams that aim for a ‘happy to be there’ rarely make any positive strides in competitive tournaments.

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