Melissa Tancredi And Erin McLeod Have Their Say

By Harjeet Johal Har Journalist

Melissa Tancredi and Erin McLeod on all things Soccer and more
VANCOUVER, BC – Canadian Women’s National Team players Melissa Tancredi and Erin McLeod recently made an appearance at the Soccer Express store in Coquitlam. The London, Olympic bronze medal winners were there to promote an early Christmas Sale. During a break from signing autographs, and posing for pictures with fans the pair had time for a discussion on a wide-range of soccer subjects.

What have you been up to since the Olympics ended?
Erin McLeod: I think a lot of us have been doing appearances, speaking engagements, and actually lot of coaching recently in West Vancouver. Of coursing training, hitting the gym, and getting on the field as much as we can.

Are you surprised by all the fan support and attention you’ve received since winning a bronze medal?
Melissa Tancredi: It was a bit surprising at first just to know the numbers that watched and now it’s just amazing to be able to go anywhere, and be recognized, and have people talk to you about the game. It’s a pretty surreal feeling but were proud that our game kind of opened up soccer to our country, it was a pretty cool moment for us.

Speaking of the big game, where you given any type of warning or indication that referee Christiana Pedersen might call you for holding on to the ball too long?
Erin McLeod: The linesman at halftime basically said hurry up my kicks and I thought she was referring to my goal kicks. If you watch the rest of the second half I hurry up my goal kicks. Obviously that’s what I thought she was talking about. I didn’t get a formal warning from her or a yellow card or anything like that.

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