Signs Of Toronto FC Frustration

By Dan Rowaan Waking The Red

Toronto FC 0 – 1 Columbus Crew: A Frustrating Day
The final whistle had sounded and most of the Toronto FC players left the field immediately to head to the dressing room and go on with the post game events. Not so for Luis Silva though, the TFC rookie remained standing on the field for close to five minutes following the full time whistle. It was a clear sign of frustration from the rookie who did not seemed pleased with his effort in the second half after he came on for Nick Soolsma.

Silva was not the only frustrated figure on the team though. It was a sentiment that was clearly shared by Milos Kocic and Danny Koevermans. The big Dutch striker summed up the game accurately when he said, “We didn’t score, then you lose the game, it’s as simple as that.” He seemed to take a fair bit of the blame on himself for that lack of scoring as the DP forward has yet to find the back of the net this season (or in official preseason games) and people watching the team might be starting to worry about his lack of production.

Though frustrated, Koevermans did not seem concerned about that lack of production as he feels that scoring goals really is quite simple, and that it’s just a matter of time for him. “Just one ball comes in and its in. Its as simple as that. Today in my two and a half chances, two at the goal keeper, he saves it, and next week it goes in. When it goes in you don’t have to think about it again waiting for your next chance. It means that the goal is close, it will come.”

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