Soccer In Toronto 06.16.13

By Rocket Robin Soccer In Toronto

CSL Result
Sunday June 16, 2013

Final Score
Toronto Croatia 1
Niagara United 1

Centennial Stadium, Etobicoke

8:00 pm

23 min… NU (TC own goal) GOAL
NU Chris Lanni freekick from 40 yards on left has TC Sven Arapovic at 12 yards flick header into own net just under bar on left past goalie Antonio Ilic guarding center of net.

41 min… TC Kresimir Prgomet GOAL
TC Mladen Bajamic recovers a blast that had deflected off defender and rolls ball forward up middle for Prgomet to turn and shoot 12 yarder low into left side of net with goalie Jonathan Bruggeling anchored to center of net.

Attendance was about 90 on this warm night. The officiating crew were all female tonight led by referee Marie-Soleil Beaudoin. Croatia players and fans were upset by how many offside calls they had called against them. Niagara players were upset in expecting more freekick calls for the hard checking on their players. With such a small crowd it was easy to make out what was being said on the field. Beaudoin was vocal too thanking her assistants for flagging plays.

Best non-scoring chances started early–2 minutes– with TC Kresimir Prgomet rolling a cross from 15 yards on the left through the box and the NU goalie dived to the right to block TC Mladen Bajamic from getting a clear 10 yard shot and was able to deflect it for a cornerkick.

26 minutes had TC Tihomir Maletic rush on the right and take a low 22 yard shot that the diving goalie pushed wide right of the post.

34 minutes had NU Anthony Mermigas take a 20 yard blast from the left that the goalie blocked and a defender partially cleared from 8 yards. NU players got in two rebound kicks that defenders blocked including one from Keith Makabuya then Mermigas finished by kicking an 18 yarder over the bar.

36 minutes had TC Ainsley Deer cross from 25 yards on the left and Maletic headed over the bar from 5 yards on the right.

Second half had TC Prgomet given through ball pass over on the right and he rounded the goalie but his 20 yard shot on a tough angle was well over the net although by then enough defenders were back to try a goal line save at 55 minutes.

77 minutes had NU Marco Stencel take a 30 yard freekick from the right that dropped into the box and NU Makabuya lunged for a header at 8 yards but missed.

81 minutes had TC Maletic push a pass forward to TC Prgomet on a run up the right and he cut towards the goal and took a 15 yard shot that was deflected off a defender and the sprawling goalie saved on the right post.

This was a very productive weekend for Niagara in their visit to Toronto. They earned their first victory of the season on Friday night against Serbian White Eagles 1-0 at this same stadium. They went back to Niagara Falls then came back here for tonight’s game. Their Reserves team travelled to Mississauga to beat Toronto Croatia ‘B’ 4-1 on Saturday night. Head coach James McGillivray answered me after the game that no player stayed in Toronto for the weekend nor played all three games.

Toronto Croatia’s record is now 4 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses and Niagara’s is 1 win, 3 ties, 3 losses.

I had only half hour from the end of the Brampton vs Waterloo game to get here in time but thanks to a key tip of which exit to turn off take I got here just before the national anthems.

CSL Result
Sunday June 16, 2013

Final Score
Brampton City United 4 SC Waterloo 1

Victoria Park, Brampton

5:30 pm

43 min… BCU Milos Scepanovic GOAL
BCU Alex Braletic from 15 yards near left end line rolls pass to BCU David Velastagui who passes from 10 yards to center and Scepanovic shoots low 8 yard shot that sprawling goalie Imad Hakura on left post gets a piece of but ball deflects into net.

53 min… SCW Shawn Brown GOAL
SCW Drazen Vukovic takes 30 yard freekick from left that has Brown jump at 5 yards on right to kick midair shot into short right side of net between post and goalie Camilo Benzi.

73 min… BCU Mark Jankovic GOAL
BCU Andrew Da Silva takes cornerkick from right and Jankovic heads 7 yard ball in middle that goalie blocks and ball deflects back to Jankovic who gets another header from 7 yards that is into left side of net over fallen goalie.

[* It looked to me that BCU Damion Scott got to Jankovic’s second header and used his foot to redirect the ball into left side of net away from goalie waiting for catch attempt but it’s in the books as Jankovic’s goal.]

83 min… BCU Marcos Nunes GOAL
BCU Milos Scepanovic rushes to through ball on left at 35 yards and from 12 yards taps pass to Nunes who shoots low 10 yarder into center of open net with goalie guarding left post.

85 min… BCU Marcos Nunes GOAL
BCU Milos Scepanovic gives chipped pass to Nunes who chips 15 yarder over goalie at 7 yards and ball deflects in off underside of bar.

Attendance was about 100 people on this warm, sunny afternoon. There’d been a lot of rain overnight and this morning which caused the CSL Second Division game between the reserves of these two teams to be cancelled but there was no problem of a chewed up field for this game.

This was a rough, chippy, close checking game with players not so worried about making sliding tackles on the soft grass. At one point SCW Ranko Golijanin was injured away from the play at 14 minutes and while he was being treated, SCW Jhon Inglis came over to the trainer and collapsed so he could also be treated. One minute after play resumed the SCW goalie collapsed in his own box well away from the play.

Referee Gianni Facchini kept this game under control giving out four Yellow cards to Brampton and one to Waterloo. This included the BCU goalie being carded for swatting a long freekick ball away from a crowd of players except that he’d stepped out of his box. Also SCW Adis Hasecic drew one for diving in the BCU box. Both teams had lots of complaints about offside calls.

Finally after 75 minutes almost every rush Brampton had worked well as the SCW team pressed upfield and grew tired.

Best non-scoring chances were mostly confined to the second half.

56 minutes had BCU Marcos Nunes tap a pass to BCU Thomas McLean who dribbled through defenders up the middle and took a 20 yard shot that the goalie was able to palm over the net.

65 minutes had BCU Alex Braletic on a rush on the left tap a ball to the side around the sliding goalie but then crash over him and out of the play but a defender cleared the loose ball at 10 yards.

68 minutes had Nunes rush up the right and send in a low cross through the 6 yard box and BCU Scepanovic was not able to connect on a 5 yard tap-in.

79 minutes had Nunes roll a pass from 20 yards across the 6 yard box and Scepanovic missed this one too by jumping over the ball. Scepanovic eventually won the ball back and dribbled back to the middle and shot a 20 yard blast just off target. The same minute Nunes took a 20 yard shot from the right that was caught by the sprawling goalie.

90 minutes found Nunes open to take a low 20 yard shot from the right that missed the left post and a sliding Scepanovic whose momentum carried him to the back of the net.

Brampton improves to 4 wins, 0 ties, 1 loss with today’s victory while Waterloo drops to 2 wins, 1 tie, 2 losses.

I had no luck watching last week’s Rogers broadcast of the BCU vs Burlington game (that Brampton residents got to see) on the Rogers superchannel on channel 368. It only offers sports already run
on their Toronto channel that already played on their community channel 10 and then 21 hours of test patterns per day. After the game I found I had half an hour to get to the game at Centennial Stadium in time for the Toronto Croatia vs Niagara United game.