Soccer In Toronto 10.02.11

By Rocket Robin Soccer In Toronto

CSL Result
Sunday October 2, 2011

Final Score
North York Astros 1 Mississauga Eagles FC

Esther Shiner Stadium, North York

4:30 pm

81 min … MEFC Jose Melo GOAL
MEFC Tristan Scott cornerkick from left has Melo in crowd of players fly over and head in ball from 6 yards.

85 min … MEFC Shaun MacDonald GOAL
MEFC Darragh Roe on left at 15 yards from left post passes ball through only defender to MacDonald in open who kicks 10 yarder up middle into the top left corner of net past goal Enea Perego.

87 min … Astros Diego Maradona GOAL
Maradona rushes on right and eludes flying goalie Melford James Jr (looked like he was trying the wrestling move ‘high cross body’) at 18 yards and takes a 12 yard shot from far right into left side of open net.

Today’s attendance was only about 20 (and more than half were Eagles fans) on this cold, overcast day. There had been rain most of the morning and early afternoon.

Astros played a good game until 75 minutes when Eagles kept the ball in the Astros end and drew cornerkicks one after another as the Astros were hanging on at the end. Eagles finally broke through and to score on their third cornerkick within two minutes and their second goal was scored when Astros opened up and Eagles ended up with two players in the Astros box with only one defender and the goalie to beat.

York Region Shooters goalie Camilo Benzi was here watching his younger brother Diego Benzi play defence for the Astros. He said the Astros usually tire at the end of games. I’d pre-called they’d not hang on for the tie and would be scored on at 85 minutes. That turned out to be the second goal against them so I suppose we were both right.

Referee Steve DePiero kept his cards in his pocket for this game which always had enough defenders back to break up or block most attackers rushes. He was busier before the game started in making sure someone was called in from the grounds crew to fix the holes in each net.

Best non-scoring chances were at 29 minutes (actually first dangerous opportunity of the game) when MEFC Kwesi Klass crossed from 22 yards near the left end line and MEFC Damion Scott headed a 6 yarder over the net.

41 minutes had MEFC Tristan Watson tap over a pass to Scott who blasted from 15 yards up the middle and the flying goalie was able to push wide right. MEFC Shawn Brown took the resulting cornerkick and had MEFC Joey Melo in a crowd of players head from 4 yards wide right of the post.

48 minutes had Brown cross from 25 yards on the left and Melo send a shot over the net on a 10 yard scissor kick.

53 minutes had Brown take a cornerkick from the left had MEFC Antoine Paul head the ball low and a defender blocked at 2 yards.

64 minutes had Astros Diego Benzi take a 60 yard freekick from the left that had Astros Kunle Fayehun stop the ball, tip it up and blast an 18 yard shot just over the bar.

73 minutes Fayehun take a 20 yard blast down the middle that the flying goalie blocked.

75 minutes had Melo take a cornerkick from the left had the goalie on the right corner swat the ball through the box. MEFC Shaun MacDonald’s resulting cornerkick from the right had MEFC Darragh Roe head from 7 yards that the flying goalie stopped.

78 minutes had Melo turn and blast a 12 yarder that the defender blocked at 6 yards. Then the goals!

91 minutes had MEFC Omar Nakeeb get a cross from the left and head a 5 yarder on the right post wide right.

I hadn’t planned on coming to this game until the afternoon when I saw it was still raining and figured I’d find no shelter at the Brampton City United vs St Catharines Wolves game.

Esther Shiner Stadium has a small press box so I can keep my notes dry. I also thought someone from City of Brampton would ensure the game was not played so their field would not get stomped up! Right that happened early in the day. Ironically the game was moved to Hershey Field in nearby Mississauga which is the home grounds of MEFC.

MEFC had beaten Astros 4-0 on Friday night in Mississauga on Friday night in a quirk in the schedule that had them meet on what was to be each team’s last games. Eagles finish their season with a 13-10-3 record and pull into seventh place. They are tied with York Region Shooters at 42 points but are ahead because they have one more win than the Shooters. Shooters have one more game to play so could pass the Eagles by midweek. Astros have one make-up game against TFC Academy. Their current record is 0-19-6. That gives them one more chance to pick up their first victory this season.

Two game playoffs of quarterfinal teams start next weekend. TFC Academy (who will not make the playoffs) has three games still to play but those games are conveniently against non-playoff teams so they can be played over the next few weeks. Stefan Vukovic was in a tie for the scoring title with 17 goals although I heard he scored today but the injured Richard West has one regular season game for Brampton City United and may still catch him. TFCA finishing their schedule also gives fans in Windsor and London a chance to see the Academy. I believe TFCA will put the two recruits from the Windsor area in their lineup even if they normally play in the CSL Reserves league as good publicity–‘Kids, this could be you!’.