Soccer In Toronto 10.05.11

By Rocket Robin Soccer In Toronto

CSL Result
Wednesday October 5, 2011

Final Score
Brampton City United 3 York Region Shooters 0

Victoria Park, Brampton

9:00 pm

41 min … BCU Andy Garcia GOAL
BCU David Velastagui throws in from left to Garcia who blasts 30 yarder from left into top right corner of net beyond goalie Adam Majer.

60 min … BCU Andy Garcia GOAL
Garcia intercepts ball from goalie at 22 yards on left and rolls 15 yard shot from left under goalie into short left side of net.

76 min … BCU Kevin Omokhua GOAL
Omokhua at 15 yards on left rolls low shot into right side of net beyond goalie Hosiko Yosuto.

Attendance was about 80 on this cold night although there was no wind. This game made up for the one postponed from scheduled for August 7th. Their were no children in attendance and BCU is one of the GTA area teams where many of their fans are children with parents. Many in the crowd were from other teams scouting for the playoffs. I recognized a few familiar team parkas from Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles.

The game was pushed back from its 8:30pm scheduled start by a Reserves League game between these two teams. BCU won that game by a 2-1 score. Because both teams wore different uniforms and numbers I didn’t recognize if any/many players played in both games. Both teams used a lot of players not usually in their CSL League lineup. BCU’s Judah Hernandez and YRS Kadian Lecky were in the stands watching.

45 minutes had YRS Aundrae Rollins 30 yard shot from the right sideline had the leaping goalie jump to catch over his head at 6 yards.

48 minutes had BCU David Velastagui on a rush on the left actually run around the goalie and roll an 18 yard shot from the extreme left which YRS Matthew O’Connor saved just off the goal line. Most other shots were from 25 yards away or longer. Both teams were called on many offsides. Referee Justin Tasev didn’t give out any Yellow cards as far as I saw.

At 70 minutes it was pointed out to me by a referee assessor that YRS had switched goalies with Hosidko Yosuto replacing Adam Majer. He also said that YRS were playing a man down. I saw one sub made at 76 minutes. I noticed that YRS defender Aundrae Rollins was limping along the sideline with his knee wrapped up. Early in the second half YRS forward Matthew Amore was injured for quite some time but eventually returned to the game. I saw midfielder Armando Garcia with a big ice pack on his knee and his ankle after the game as well but he stayed until the end.

At 82 minutes I saw YRS Ricky Herron had left the game but not been replaced. They listed seven subs so what was going on—playing ten players for so long? After the game Kadian Lecky answered that he wasn’t playing as he had a slight injury and was resting for the playoffs which start this weekend. He said they had sent all the reserve players home as they had to go to school the next day. Hmm, I’m thinking the game ended just before 11:00pm and it took me almost an hour to drive home almost straight east whereas most players would have a further drive north as well.

Jacob Matthews and Luca Leone shared the shutout for BCU although Leone came into the game at 87 minutes and only made one stop before the game ended. Roy Blanche their main goalie was on the bench but not called into the game. Their other main goalie, Kodzo Awitor was serving a suspension from being Red carded in their last game.

I didn’t count a ‘good’ chance for the first half hour but at 31 minutes BCU Kevin Omokhua was chipped a ball in the middle and his low 20 yard shot was pushed wide left by the diving goalie and a defender blocked a BCU rebound attempt.

I was there until a few minutes after 11pm and the City of Brampton still had not shut off the stadium lights but that was a worry if this game had dragged on and why there was almost no time between the end of the Reserve game and the main game.

This was the league’s final game of the season for the playoff bound teams. A win for either team would somewhat alter the playoff match-ups. Brampton winning means they finish fourth instead of fifth. They finish with a 15-8-3 record. The win flips them over Serbian White Eagles but either way they were destined to play that team in the two game quarterfinal.

Shooters loss keeps them in eighth place at 12-8-6. 42 points is the same as Mississauga Eagles but that team has one more win. A win would have taken them to sixth place but a match up with Capital City from Ottawa. The CSL website listed that Capital City will play Montreal Impact Academy so I’m sure both those teams will enjoy the time/money saved in that match up.

I’ve heard from different GTA team officials in the league welcoming the challenge of playing the regular season champs SC Toronto. They have something like eight players who are students from York University. This Friday York U plays McMaster and Sunday they play Brock. Look for a shortage of players and the absence of SC Toronto head coach Carmine Isacco who is also the head coach of York U.