Talk To Any Scout And They Will Tell You

By Michael Gardner Waking The Red

Insider Series, Part One: The Role of the Scout in MLS
We know what they do is important. Very few of us know how they do it, until now.

Talk to any scout and they will tell you that there are two Superbowls. One is the result of years of hard work and dedication culminating in one glorious moment in front of live fans, social media users and live television viewers. The other involves an NFL game.

The 2013 Major League Soccer Superdraft will take place on January 17 in Indianapolis, Indiana. For scouts across the world, the day a team selects a player a scout recommended is the scout’s chance to shine; even if they are shining behind the scenes.

It is a world that the average fan knows very little about. However, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t believe in the importance of having a great scouting staff. Seeking to unlock the mysteries of how scouting works in the MLS, I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Martin, a Regional Scout with Sporting Kansas City and Instructor with Sports Management Worldwide.

Part One: Scouting In MLS
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