Toronto FC 2013 Pre-Pre-Season Depth Chart Look

By Dave Rowaan Waking The Red

Toronto FC Depth Chart: Pre-Pre-Season Edition Wrap Up
Wrapping up our looks at Toronto’s depth chart as the head into the season. Seems there are a lot of question marks in this squad and a lot of areas where we are left to cling to hope that things will somehow work out.

We have broken down every area of the Toronto FC squad as it currently stands but where does the team as a whole stand as they head into preseason and get ready to head down to Florida. Well, the picture is still looking a bit bleak and there are question marks in almost every area of the squad. The club has some nice pieces in place but trying to put together a consistent starting XI is difficult at this point. Hopefully the club has some moves planned for the coming weeks or someone really steps up to fill the voids or we could be in for a long season.

To wrap up the series for the pre-pre-season edition we will look back over each segment and see just where the holes remain and then take some stabs at trying to make a formation out of the pieces that the team currently has.

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