Toronto FC Homegrowns Take A Hit

By Duane Rollins The 24th Minute

Homegrown lessons
There are two ways to look at the release of the TFC Academy graduates that got the axe today.

You could suggest that the players were released because current management is turning away from an academy focused strategy in favour of using middling, American players that can run up and down the pitch in a skill-less kick and boot system.

Or, you could suggest that both Oscar Cordon and Keith Makubuya weren’t good enough to play in MLS and should not have been signed to homegrown contracts in the first place.

There is only one way to look at the release of Nicholas Lindsay – football players should stay off snowmobiles. The story of Lindsay is a tragic one that demonstrates how fragile a soccer dream can be. Hopefully, he finds a way back into the game, but the odds are against him.

That said, most of the focus today is on the two players that were released who didn’t destroy their knee in an off-season accident. There, fans are inclined to view the move through the lens that they view everything through right now – Paul Mariner.

There has been a persistent rumour in TFC circles that Mariner does not favour a model that builds through the academy. As such, he will favour older players that are more athletic, if not as technically skilled.

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