Toronto FC Top 2013 Draft Prospects

By Dan Rowaan Waking The Red

Scouting For Number One
Toronto FC should be busy looking at all the options that they could select first overall in the draft and since most of us in Canada do not follow NCAA soccer I am here to help you do some scouting of your own and get up to speed on the top prospects.

January 17th is still a long ways off but that does not mean it is too soon to start looking at players who Toronto could potentially select first overall. In fact, if you want to get an idea about any of the top prospects the next few weeks will be your last chance until the combine kicks off. That is because the NCAA tournament is about to get under way and for some of the top players the season is already over while others will not be far behind.

I caught up with Travis Clark (follow him on twitter @travismclark) of, the sight is a great source for all kinds of US amateur soccer news, to help form a list of prospects that could potentially go number one in Indianapolis. There is no consensus number one in the draft this year and it is still a bit soon to be forecasting just which under-classmen will be signed to Generation Adidas deal so that means there are a fair few options worth looking at.

Over the coming weeks I will be taking a deeper look at each of the players on the list and making the case as to why they might be a good choice for Toronto at first overall. I will also be looking at some of the Canadian talent that will be hoping to have their name called on draft day. For now though we will start with the basics about a few names to keep an eye out for if you get the chance to watch any of the NCAA tournament. It is no March Madness but it is still certainly worth tuning in just to get even more soccer in your lives and then you can claim to be a draft expert too!

The following is a list of players that Travis pointed out as potentials to go early in the draft. It is by no means a complete list as there are other names that will certainly enter the conversation at some point but until the complete list of players who sign Generation Adidas deals comes out these are a few names to get to know in the mean time:

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