Will Payne Finally Be Able To Bring Order To Toronto FC?

By Steven Sandor The 11

Can Payne’s strong personality change the corporate TFC atmosphere?
“I think, from the beginning, we had a clear vision of what kind of club we wanted to be. I had certain models in mind when it came to the way I wanted our club to be thought of. The Boston Celtics of the ‘60s and ‘70s. And, fans in Toronto might not like it when I say this, the Montreal Canadiens. Not just their on-ice success, but that there was something regal about the way they carried themselves as a club. In our mission statement, we say we want to win championships and serve the community.”

That statement came from then-D.C. United president Kevin Payne, in an interview I did with him back in 2009. Of course, the team he was talking about was D.C. United, but it gives some insight to the kind of standards the man has when it comes to building a sports franchise.

On Wednesday, Payne was confirmed as the new president of Toronto FC, just a day after it was announced that he’d ended a 15-year run as the head man at D.C. United.

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